Recently I’ve organized another FAB WMN event, this time a bit smaller and for only Hungarian women – a summer picnic in Hyde Park. As before I set up a Facebook event for it and invited all relevant ladies but I felt it lacked the “next level” touch. Even though there are certain custom made elements within a FB event page, it just not enough for me any more. I wanted beautiful invitations – something more customized, more fabulous, more personal and actually more professional – and here’s the twist- ┬ástill on budget.

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Liberty Fabric invitations

It was not a coincidence then when Paperless Post offered me to try out their services and after playing around with it for a while it seemed to be the perfect solution for my next event. There are many templates to choose from (featured designers include Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Liberty Fabrics, etc) but you can create your very own design as well, customize fonts, frames, the envelope, the RSVP card – it really is the whole package on a budget, moreover, there are many free options as well.

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Kate Spade online invitations

The idea is very simple: you create a personalized online invitation, email it to people via the Paperless Post dashboard (similar concept to when you send out newsletters via Mailchimp). They then receive a digital invitation that takes them to the event’s page, where they can discover more about the occasion, details and can see the guest list. It also has an RSVP section, but you can add customized follow up options, like polls, random questions, etc. Once you’ve sent out the invitations, people then are able to interact with each other – this part is pretty similar to a FB event page, but it’s nicer, more professional and stylish. You as the organizer can schedule follow up actions – such as asking people who haven’t RSVP’d whether or not they will attend. It’s so much fun and it gives the feeling of this private hub or club – I know you can make FB events private as well, but the whole invitation process via Paperless Post is just has this extra touch of being customized and almost exclusive, it’s really taking it to the next level without having to spend a huge amount of money.

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Oscar de la Renta online invitations

So, I created a “fake” (hopefully it will come true soon) event just to try out Paperless Post, here’s how it works, it’s really easy and straightforward with so many fabulous styles.

This is how the email looks like:

paperless post, online invitations, anamiblog, fab wmn

Then you click on “View the Card” or “View Guest List”, so it takes you to the event’s page on Paperless Post’s website:

paperless post, online invitations, anamiblog, fab wmn

And from there you can interact, see details and everything else I’ve talked about above. Isn’t it just fabulous!?


This post was published in collaboration/partnership with Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post.



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