It’s funny how life leads me to all kind of inspirational women – the more I talk, think about the FAB WMN project, the more it manifests into real connections and collaborations.

This time I’m introducing Lindsay, who is the the Senior Project Manager at Les Manufactures Catry in London. We’ve met through work, our showrooms are opposite each other and I asked her about this interview after a networking/marketing event for Chelsea Cross.

Lindsay Beaton, Les Manufactures CATRY, chelsea cross, fab wmn, anamiblog

My very first impression of Lindsay was energy. She seems to have a lot of it – btw, she cycles to work every day, something that is admirable on its own already. And then enthusiasm. The way she talks about her work, her life, her plans – yet another woman you’d want to be around to keep your good vibes at level.

Lindsay is not only a project manager, but also a yin yoga teacher (she spent one month in India last year), she takes tango classes (she invited me to try it and I swear I will), does screen printing and she’s put generous amount of effort into growing Chelsea Cross, holding the showrooms of Fulham Road together.

Lindsay Beaton, Les Manufactures CATRY, chelsea cross, fab wmn, anamiblog

So, here’s what Lindsay reveals about herself:

  • How would you describe your job at Les Manufactures Catry?

My job at Les Manufactures Catry is varied and interesting. I have a background in textile design, so the products that we sell interest me hugely. The clients that we have visiting are a mix of designers and people creating their homes. I love talking to them about their plans and helping them make decisions.

Lindsay Beaton, Les Manufactures CATRY, chelsea cross, fab wmn, anamiblog

Blues by Lindsay Beaton

  • What are your favourite design spots in London?

My favourite design spots in London are Marylebone, the high street is a great place to explore with a mix of fashion and home stores. The original Daunt books is there too, which is a great place to kill time and find inspiring reads. I love Chelsea too, with lots of Interior showrooms and unusual stores, Patrick Mavros is a favourite with fantastic mix of African inspired product. The Museums are very close too which I love.

  • Describe yourself with 5 words…
Energetic, thoughtful, fun, tactful and creative.
Lindsay Beaton, Les Manufactures CATRY, chelsea cross, fab wmn, anamiblog

Roost by Lindsay Beaton

  • What is the proudest moment of your life so far?
My proudest moment is being able to do a headstand …after lots of practice.
  • What is the best part of being a woman?
The best part of being a woman is being able to multi-task!
  • If you could choose anybody, who would you spend a day with?
I would love to spend a day with Al Pacino …and dance Tango with him.
  • If there would be a film of your life who/which actress would play your part?
The actress I would have play me would have to be Meryl Streep, she is faultless.
Lindsay Beaton, Les Manufactures CATRY, chelsea cross, fab wmn, anamiblog

Soft Nest by Lindsay Beaton

  • How do you handle stress? 
I handle stress by exercising a lot. Cycling everywhere, I’m a trained Yin yoga instructor too but so far only teach myself.
  • Is there a woman out there who inspired you?
Always inspiring is Barbra Streisand, she’s funny, talented, strong and clever …and looks fantastic!
  • Recommend a…
…a book to read
I would recommend reading ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind, an unusual murder thriller based around smell and scents, it’s very descriptive.
 …a film to watch
One of my favourite films is Lost In Translation with Scarlett Johansen and Bill Murray. A subtle story of two lonesome people attracted to each other out of their comfort zone in Japan.
…a song to listen to
Fave track….. ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ by Prince, for the lyrics “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to do this thing called Life”. Interpret that one how you want!



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