Instagram is a great place for discovering new people, this is how I’ve found Olga as well (@big_fat_greekmother). One day I was going through #palmersgreen and her picture came up and as I liked her feed I started to follow her. A Greek woman in Palmers Green is no wonder, but a comedian one – now, that was something different.

olga thompson, fab wmn, anamiblog, greek comedian, big fat greekmother

If I had to describe her with 5 words I’d say: smart, hilariously funny (this counts as one), honest, stylish and inspiring. Olga is a comedian, a drama lecturer, a mum of 3 boys (yeah, you’ve read it right) and this physically tiny but mentally and creatively limitless woman warrior, who comes up with the funniest characters and goes on no matter what to pursue her dream of having her very own comedy show on TV.

Her Instagram feed is full of laughter and good vibes, her stories are inspiring and authentic, and the characters, well, you have to see them for yourself. My favourite is Alexia Stifado – Celebrity Greek Rock Star & Part Time Zumba Teacher! My words would not do her justice, so just please go and check it out on Olga’s insta profile.

olga thompson, fab wmn, anamiblog, greek comedian, big fat greekmother

What I like about Olga’s comedy the most is that its true colours bring so much joy – you find your life in it, and even though sometimes it’s overemphasized it doesn’t hurt anybody because it comes from her big and warm heart. She is super funny without being a joke, she’s the girl next door who will always make you laugh but who will also be there for you and hold your hand when times aren’t cheerful.

So, here’s more about Olga by Olga:

  • What do you do?
I am a mum of three boys who fancies herself as a bit of a comedienne! I do all the normal mum things that mums do but then once I’ve dropped them to school I dress up as lots of zany characters and make little videos. 
  • How did you became a comedian?
I trained as an actress at Mountview theatre school and worked professionally, mainly in theatre, before I got married and had the boys. However comedy has always been my main thing and I have always veered into stand up and my little quirky one woman shows. I think comedy is in my blood and all I have ever wanted to do since I was a little girl is make people laugh. I love playing far out characters and showing their bizarre foibles and fancies. After all there is no such thing as a normal person right? I love comedy because it shows we are all a little peculiar and its healthy and important to embrace that, to laugh and to not take life so seriously.
  • What would you like to achieve within this field?
Well the dream is to have my own comedy TV show based on all these weird and wonderful Greek characters who live and work in North London!
  • Describe yourself with 5 words:
Perfectionist. Dreamer. Loyal. Kind. Funny.
  • What is the proudest moment of your life so far?
Having my three boys. Each time they came into this world it was like the most overwhelming love fueled moment of my life. I am proud they are mine and I am proud of the mother I have become. In the beginning we didn’t really have a clue about parenting! But every day I am learning, growing, loving; becoming the mother my boys need. 
  • What is the best part of being a woman?
The clothes obvs but more importantly having a wicked girlgang behind me. I love being a sister to so many other sisters, mothers, girlfriends and daughters in my life. Women are strong, soft, powerful and fierce.
  • If you could choose anybody, who would you spend a day with?
Charlie Chaplin! Because I adored him growing up. I want to learn his tricks! He was a sort of endearing funny that I try hard to create within my characters.
  • If there would be a film if your life who/which actress would play your part?
Oh my oh my oh my! I can’t think of anybody short enough! Dawn French??? Hahaha she has my haircut! Plus she is HILARIOUS!
  • How do you handle stress?
I am such a worrier and a perfectionist that I have to watch myself and know my limits. As a practicing Christian I find my faith helps me so much. If I am particularly wired I find creating a still, quiet safe place to be with God sustains me and grounds me.
  • Is there a woman out there who inspired you?
Victoria Wood because she was different and she didn’t care. She was a comedy genius ahead of her time who was bold and experimental. She paved the way for other comediennes like myself to do their thing even if others looked down on them or thought them too ‘far out’. She was a great observer of people and creator of memorable comedy characters. Yeah….. I want to be like Victoria Wood when I grow up!
  • Recommend a…
…a book to read
The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion for those who have ever lost someone they loved. Its a beautiful healing book.
 …a film to watch
My Big Fat Greek Wedding! What else?
…a song to listen to

I love ‘Everybody’s Taking At Me’ its a beautiful song that has helped me on my journey through depression. It’s not about depression as such but it always speaks to me and reminds me how far I have come. Seven years ago I had a breakdown. Today I’m standing. “I’m going where the sun keeps shining through the pouring rain” …


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