Imagine you break free from limitations…

Imagine you uplift yourself leading a balanced and happier life…

Imagine being a strong, confident woman, who loves herself just the way she is…


A woman, who…

… is authentic

… knows how much her time and knowledge are worth

… is willing to make changes and take actions

… is empowering, purposeful and loving

… takes occasional risks and is willing to face and let go of her fear(s)



You are only one decision away from that woman.

The choice and responsibility is yours. You can chose to daydream through your life or to turn your dreams into reality.


When you are ready to chose YOU, coaching can help you to build the bridge between where you are right now and where you want to be. It makes it easier to identify the milestones of your journey, increasing your awareness and facilitating the change you are about to make.

As a coach, I can accompany you on your journey (or just a part of it) to help you setting goals, becoming aware of your reality, exploring options and to determine actions that will take you closer to your ideal life. I will not advise you, I’m only asking the questions, while you are coming up with YOUR best answers. I don’t save you or fix you, YOU are doing the work, I’m “only” helping YOU to help yourself. Coaching is about the present and future, no exploration of past traumas or childhood issues. In fact, it is not focusing on problems, but possibilities and solutions.

If this all sounds exciting and you want to find out more whether coaching is really for you and if we are a good fit for each other then email me at (there are still some free sessions available)