If you live in London and are interested in fashion and brands, you must have encountered patterns by Orla Kiely. An Irish fashion designer based in London, Orla began her career designing hats, then moved on to handbags and a variety of other items including kitchenware and cars. Lately she has been also collaborating with Halfords for their signature bicycle and picnic range.

orla kiely for halfords, orla kiely, olive and orange by orla kiely

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The Olive and Orange collection reflects Orla’s ¬†instinctive graphic discipline to simplify and stylize everyday motifs and forms adding another dimension to objects that we might not even consider fashionable otherwise. Her patterns are charming, uplifting and instantly recognizable.

orla kiely for halfords, olive and orange by orla kiley, british design, claridge's london, anamiblog

Pattern cookies

Not long ago I was invited to an afternoon tea, held in Claridge’s, where I could explore the bicycle range styled by Orla for Halfords, while munching on some delicious cakes and sipping tea. The setting was very glamorous, even somewhat intimidating – as I walked in people were already seated at big tables and chatting, so I just grabbed a seat and joined in awkwardly. I’m not up for small talk at all – I prefer meaningful conversations, but I guess at these kind of events sometimes one has to give in to shallow discussions about weather. “My table” had already been in a vivid conversation about kids and swimming, so I just took some pictures and commented whenever I felt it relevant. Don’t get me wrong, the ladies were very kind and friendly, I just did not feel in my element.

orla kiely for halfords, olive and orange by orla kiely, british design, claridge's london, anamiblogorla kiely for halfords, olive and orange by orla kiely, british design, claridge's london, anamiblog

But, enough about my INFJ moaning, let’s talk about the collection. Having a thing for vintage bicycles, I loved it of course, Orla’s touch was just an extra treat for the eye! The price is reasonable as well, and alongside the bicycles you can also discover many accessories such as helmets, bells, baskets, blankets, water bottles, etc, all decorated with Orla Kiely’s signature patterns. If you’re looking for your next picnic item or bicycle her collection is definitely must be considered!

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So, what do you think of this collection? Would you have a bike or accessories like these?



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